padYou save on this tube and tire combo!

This combo includes a 200x 50mm Kenda heavy duty street along with a 200 x 50mm tube. You save $3.00 over ordering tube and tire indivually. Tire and tube fits many electric and gas scooters, such as all scooters made by Zap!(Zappy, Zappy II, Zappy Turbo), Citybug, Z-Scooter Inc. electric scooters (Z-Lightning, Z-Cruiser, Z-Turbo, Z-Rider), Amplifier A 7, Bobcat electric scooters, Mastershine Street Jammer electric scooters, Wicked Wave electric scooters, Tomb Raider electric scooters, and Mosquito DX series gas scooters, to name a few.

200 x 50 mm tube and tire combo 200x50tubeandtirepad$20.99pad