The Newest Offering by Santa Cruz Scooterworks is sure to be a hit!

This could be the ultimate mini gas scooter!All these features are part of this full-suspension scooter from Santa Cruz Scooter Works, very well made in America!:

-Patent pending Front Fork not only features 1-1/12" of travel, but the design has an anti-drive feature to prevent "squat" when braking.

-Fully suspended square tube frame features 3 " of rear travel!

-A Mitsubishi 43cc 2.0 hp Two-Stroke engine (1.2 hp 4-stroke motor available). Its Rotated mounting configuratuin allows more foot room.

-A Cluth-Drive features 0.750" Spindle with Dual Inner and Outer Bearing Support standard!

-1.375" Oversized Steering Handle, compared to the competitions 1.125". A slight sweep back to bars offers a more comfortable hand position.

-Features Santa Cruz Scooter Works Hollow Racing Axles front and rear.

-Front disc brake features drilled " floating rotor"

-Ajustable brake leve features two position routing for different leverage ratios

-Stainless Steel Kickstand that won't russt

-Designed, tested and manufactured in USA!!

-Available in Silver, Black, Yellow or Red

Boxer Boxer two strokepadRegular price: $849.99padSale price: $799.99padcolors::