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Do you want a better way to get around? How about a way that avoids parking, congestion, expense, maintenence and other inconveniences of a car? How about a vehicle as convenient and easy to ride as a bicycle, reliable and simple as a toaster, and just plain fun to drive. Well, it's called the eGO cycle 2 -twist and go simplicility, park up-front convenience, effortless and silent travel, and easier to balance than a bicycle. It also carries hundreds of pounds of cargo, climbs hills like Lance Armstrong, looks a million bucks, and is all electric!

The eGO's a great way to get to work or school. Because you never exert yourself on an eGO, you won't need a shower by the time you get there. And the eGO's cargo rack makes it easy to carry briefcase, laptop, books-whatever. You can take an eGo anywhere you would take a bike, which means in heavy city traffic, and eGO often takes less time than a car.

How many times have you taken your car on an errand that's just a few blocks away? That's not good for the environment, and those short trips put a lot of wear on your car. Riding an eGO is a much better idea.The eGO can transport anything you don't need a whole trunk for, like a couple of bags of groceries, or a couple bags of just about anything.

If you're going some place fun, why not have fun getting there? An eGO electric bike is the ideal way to get to softball games, running trails, the beach-anywhere. It's good for the environment when it's used as an alternative to car, and it's powerful enough to get an offensive lineman to the football field.

If you're in a business that uses fleets of vehicles, a squadron of eGO's could supplement your fleet or replace it altogether. For example, pizza delivery is simpler on an eGO-stack them on the back and off your driver goes.It's more economical than a car, and employees wouldn't have to have their own transportation. It could even bring publicity to the company that delivers pizza on electric bikes. Or let's say you work on a large campus like a college, medical center or government facility. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more efficient way to zip from building to building.

Your eGO can be customized to any color you want, and a number of accessories are available. Check out our accessories page for more info. Or check out the eGO manufacturer page at and then come back here to purchase: we will give you a much better deal on shipping and throw some accessories in too!


Top Speed: ~23 MPH in "Go Fast" mode and 17 MPH in "Go Far" mode to match speed with rider skill level

Range per charge: ~25 miles in "Go Far" mode, ~20 miles in "Go Fast" mode (Estimates based on 150 lb. rider on flat terrain)

Motor and controller: 1.99 horsepower DC motor and digital speed controller for smooth, confident operation.

Hill climbing: 16MPH up a 15% grade

Max Load Capacity: 250 lbs. to handle most riders(carry up to 100 lbs. in optional cargo trailer)

Performance Mode: Two position key switch allows for rider to select "Go Fast" mode or "Go Far" mode

Drive System: eGO Whisper-TM belt drive for a quiet ride

Throttle: Right-hand twist grip throttle controls acceleration and automatic braking

Battery Strength Indicator: 10 stage digital battery strength indicator, similar to a fuel gauge.

Smart Battery Charger: 5 Amp,internal,smart charger accepts any voltage for easy charging anywhere

Charger Receptacle: Standard IEC 320 (computer style) Inlet (cord included)

Watts per charge:~1KW to fully charge batteries-very low cost of operation at about 8-15 cents per charge

Recharge: ~3 hours to 80% from full discharge,~5 hours to 100%


Automatic braking: Activates whenever throttle is reduced-increases safety and recharges batteries when decelerating

Wheels: 48 hole, double wall alloy rim with alloy hub

Tires: High Pressure (110 PSI) 20"x 1.95"

Handbrakes:Front disc and rear long cantilever linear-pull

Headlight: Single DOT headlight for safe operation during day and night

Brake Light/Tail Light: High-Intensity LED tail light/brake light activates immediately upon deceleration

One-Hand Control: Right-hand twist grip controls acceleration and automatic braking.

Top Speed Limited: Automatic brakes limits top speed and recharges battery

Federal DOT Safety Compliance: Complies with Federal Department of Transportation safety standards(VIN # included)

Other Safety Features: Large wheels, low center of gravity ,"step-through" chassis

Dimensions and Other Details:

Colors: Caribbean Sky(light blue),Very Well Red,Chutney(pale orange), Wasabi(light green)

Frame; Monocoque, T6000 aluminum. Sand blasted , heat treated, and anodized

Handlebars: Custom eGO CresentTM design for excellent control

Length: 64 inches

Width: 23 inches(11" with handlebars aligned for storage or transport)

Saddle: Ajustable height and reach

Ignition: Keyswitch ignition for increased security

System Voltage and Battery Type: 24 Volts. two-maintenance-free sealed lead acid, deep cycle 12V 36 Amp Hour batteries for longer range

Other Standard Features: Kickstand, rear carry rack, rearview mirror, fenders, handlebar mounted bell

Options and Accessories:

Cargo Baskets: Collapsable rear cargo baskets carry a bag of groceries each

Removable Front Basket: Unclip and take it with you.

Cargo Trailer:Attaches quickly to carry an additional 100lbs of cargo

Rain Cover: Protects your eGO from sunand rain

Speedometer/Odometer: how far, how fast and other useful performance information

Suspension Seat Post and Saddle: Smooths the ride. Easy to upgrade.

Carry Rack: Attaches to your car or SUV to carry one or two eGO's with you (for 1-1/4" and 2" hitches)


Chassis/Frame: 10 Year warranty Batteries: 6 month warranty The Rest: 1 Year warranty

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