padTurn a standup into a sitdown!

For those of you who are considering a Currie, GT, Schwinn, or Mongoose electric scooter, or already have one, here is the kit to make it a sit down electric scooter. This kit comes with a seat, basket, hardware and instructions you need to make your Currie standup scooter into a comfortable sitdown scooter with just a few turns of a screwdriver!

NOTE: THIS SEAT KIT FITS THE FOLLOWING ELECTRIC SCOOTERS: Currie Phat Phantom electric scooters, Currie Phat Flyer electric scooters, Currie Phat Flyer SE electric scooters, Currie 2002 Flyer, GT Asteroid, Mongoose Impact and Schwinn Zone 5 electric scooters.

THIS SCOOTER KIT DOES NOT FIT THE FOLLOWING CURRIE SCOOTERS: Any Currie double suspension electric scooters such as the Currie F-18 electric scooter, Currie FS Lightning electric scooter, GT Shockwave, Mongoose FS Hornet or Schwinn F-18 electric scooters. This kit also does not fit any Currie long range electric scooter such as the GT Tsunami, Schwinn XCel or Mongoose Fusion electric scooter.

The Long Range and Full Susupension Currie, GT, Schwinn, or Mongoose electric scooters each use a different seat kit. Look for them in our accessories page.

Flyer Seat Kit flyer seat kitpad$59.99pad