The best fit and finish of any mini-electric scooter we've seen!

This scooter is designed with a moderate top speed, but is THE BEST HILL CLIMBER IN ITS CLASS! Only the EGO CYCLE at $1399.99 can climb hills better.The scooter is a good choice for a heavier rider. At a recommended maximum rider weight of 240 lbs, this scooter can handle more than your average human.The look and construction is fantastic. Nothing is cheap about this scooter. LED battery indicator lights mounted on the handle bar. Nice large 12" wheels for a stable ride. Double suspension and a removable seat for a cushy ride. Ajustable handlebars. And the brakes are the best we've used on a scooter of this size. This is the only scooter for the serious rider! And at a resonable cost.


-Top Speed: 15 MPH

-10-12 mile average range

-Full front and rear suspension

- 24 Volt, 350 watt rare-earth magnet motor is the secret to this great hill climber


-Aluminum alloy frame contruction

-Adjustable, removable seat

-Adjustable handlebar

-Battery meter

-Variable speed thumb throttle

-Aluminum mag 12" wheels/ no spoke failure!

-Automatic, "smart" charger

-Folding handlebar mechanism

-Power source: (2) 12 volt, 10 amp hour batteries under deck

-90 day warranty and technical support by Light Electric Vehicle Technologies

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