padA Scooter For All Sizes!

The EMS-103 is very well made by the HYC Group in Taiwain. They have put together a great electric scooter that addresses what a lot of Americans need and want: SIZE and POWER. The wheel size is the biggest in its class at 4.0" by 11" . This provides stability when riding. The large frame and powerful 600 watt motor can handle most any size man or women with ease. Hill climbing is exceptional with a nice top speed of around 18 MPH on flat level ground. Expect an average 8 miles per charge, but load the included battery bag with another set of batteries($89.99 extra option) and bungee the batteries to the rear of the frame. When the batteries are run down in the deck, plug the extra set with the handy cable provided in the rear top of the frame, and BAM!, another 8 miles. Afraid of not being able to stop? Not with band brakes on BOTH wheels for worry-free stopping on a dime. The EMS-103 has off-road ability on hard-packed surfaces with front-suspension to ease the rattle of bumps. A twist-grip throttle and a bell on the handlebars are more features on this excellent buy. If you want a great all-around mulipurpose scooter at a great price, look no further than the EMS-103R!


-24V/600 watt brushed motor powered by two 12V/12 amp hour sealed-acid batteries

-Chain drive

-11"x4"pneumatic tires

-Dual band brakes

-Front suspension

-Average 8 mile range on charge: range depends on weight of rider and riding conditions

-Maximum recommended rider weight: 250 lbs

-Top speed of up to 18 MPH

-3-6 hour recharge time with 120-230v smart charger

-Scooter weight: 66lbs/ Shipping weight:74 lbs

-Keyed ignition switch with 4 LED battery meter

-Aluminum Alloy wheels

-Folding, ajustable handlebars

-Bicycle bell included

-Extra battery bag and wires included

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