Welcome to Electric Scooter Land !

We are located at the home of the University of Georgia, ATHENS, GEORGIA.

Mailing address is: 766 West Broad St., Athens, Ga. 30601.

Toll-Free Phone number in the continental U.S. at 1-866-262-6673. You can also reach us at 706-208-1557

We started this business to give people an alternative way of personally transporting themselves for short trips they would usually take in their car. With the increasing advances made in battery technology and more reliable electric motor controllers, Personal Electric Vehicles can be a way of life. Along with offering the best in PEV's, we are going to continue add new things, such as gas mini-scooters and mopeds. We can ease the congestion on the roads and use less of the energy that we do not have complete control over by using Personal Utility Vehicles.