You don't have to spend a $1000 for a great electric bike. One of the best models is here for $799.99!

Owned by some of the top veterns in this business, Lashout follows a simple formula. High quality components that are bulit to last, a reasonable price, and the best performing electric bike in its price class.

A 600 watt brushless motor provides a top speed of 18MPH, with the ability to climb most hills. Dual suspension to smooth the bumps. A power on demand system means the bike can be operated with or without pedaling. But the Lashout is also a fully fuctional 7 speed mountain-type bike with out using the electric power system.

A quick-release battery case is included to charge the battery indoors without taking the whole bike inside. A portable 4 hour battery charger is also included to take wherever.

Add to the package a 6 month warranty by the best in the buisiness: Light Electric Vehicle Technologies, with an option for an extended warranty, and this purchase is a no-brainer!



Top Speed- 18 MPH

Range:12-20 miles per charge, depending on weight of rider, terrain travelled, and amount of pedal assist applied.

Wheels: 26"

Motor:600 watt BMC brushless motor

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