The standard of electric scooters is available for a limited time!

The "Model T" of electric scooters is here for a limited time, while supplies last. A rugged, stable frame, with large 12" wheels and a high-torque motor for excellent hill-climbing are standard features with this high-quality scooter. A great general-purpose scooter for kids as well as adults. Use it to replace the car for short commutes, to run errands, or just to have fun scootin' around the neighborhood! This was our best-selling scooter two years ago with the scooter priced at $459.99 at our local storefront. Now this scooter is at a unsurpassed value at over a $130 off, with a 90 day warranty on parts and labor by the maker of the Phat Flyer SE, Currie Technologies. This deal won't last the Christmas season, so get yours today, before they are all gone!


- Propulsion system: Patented Electro-Drive all-weather direct chain drive with built-in freewheeling, QR mounting plate, motor and speed specific gearing

-Motor: Exclusive Finned Hi-Torque Electro-Drive,400 watt 24 volt brushless motor with built-in electronic Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) controller that includes low-voltage battery protection, motor overheat protection, peak amperage protection, stall protection,maximum speed protection, and brake inhibit.

-Throtttle: Handlebar mounted on-demand variable speed thumb throttle.

-Power Source; dual 12-volt, 10-amp hour sealed recyclable lead acid batteries in a steel box frame mounted battery pack.

-Colors: Gloss Midnight Black

-Frame: Ovalized Hi-ten full sized 12' scooter

-Plates: Alloy deck and tail plate, clear anodized

-Headset: Oversized, chrome

-Handlebars & Stem: Heavy duty folding and height adjustable bar and stem

-Brakes: 90mmrear band and BMX style front caliper brakes

-Brake Levers: Alloy 3-finger MTB style

-Front Hub:Parallax style, 24 H, nutted, chromed -Rear Hub: Alloy,Parallax style, 24H, nutted, for RH drive and LH band brake

-Kickstand: 12" Single , UCP

-Spokes: f-14G rustless

-Rims: Alloy 12 x 1.75 6N style, 24 H on spoked wheels

-Tires and tubes: 12 x 2.125 black, knobby style

-Extras: 110v- 1.25 amp Smart Charger, CPSC front and rear reflectors (optional fast charging available with our full line of Soneil chargers)

-Warranty technical support and service by Currie Technologies

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