The Tiger is already being called the Acura of 12" wheel convertible scooters!

Simply put, this scooter will exceed your expectations with industrial quality and durability! It looks like other scooters, but it's the little attention to details that makes this a winner. First of all, it comes with a seat kit(as of NOV 2003, the Powercat does not come with a basket) STANDARD that is detachable in seconds. You can't do that with other 12" wheel scooters. Ride around on the seat, and let the kids stand up when they ride. Second, it comes standard with 12" cast alloy mag type wheel with sealed bearings. No more spoke failures or truing the wheel. An LED battery indicator by the on/off switch,and as of NOV. 2003, the on/of switch and LED indicator is on the front downtube of the scooter.It's got front suspension. It has front and rear lights, and a speedometer,Standard, also as of NOV. 2003. As a business that specializes in electric scooters, we appreciate the effort made by the folks at Light Electric Vehicle Technologies. They have listened to dealers and made something we can be confident to sell without fear of failure. No big box retailer has anything that can compete with this quality scooter. Check out all the features:

Electrical Systems:

Motor: New high torque, 24-volt, 400 watt, DC, brushless, permanent magnet with built-in electric pulse width modulated(PWM) controller that generates .5hp at 3,500 RPM's

Battery: 24-volt, 10 amp hour, sealed-lead acid type, carried in a steel box with power switch and level of charge LED indicator located on front downtube of scooter.

-The throttle is a thumb type with variable speed that shuts off the motor when released.

-Charger: Compact, lightweight, and portable. 110-240v,50-60hz, 1.2 amp smart charger

-Charging time: 4-7 hours

Drive System: Direct chain drive with free-wheel clutch

Speed : max. 15 MPH

Range: Up to 10-12 miles

-12" cast alloy mag type wheels with sealed bearings

-Heavy duty pneumatic electric vehicle tires

Frame Features:

-The frame-set is tubular high tensile strength steel

-The platform and tail plate are brushed aluminum with safety grip tape

-As of Nov 2003, The Powercat Tiger comes in Black.

Brakes and safety:

A rear 90mm band brake and front V-Brake (another new improvement as of Nov. 2003) with all aluminum adjustable brake levers for sure stopping power. Each brake has a motor cut-off feature when brake is applied.

Weight & Folding:

-The Tiger is convertible with a removable seat kit with a high strength steel-mounting bracket.

-Carrying capacity: 220 lbs

-Tiger weight: 52 lbs without seat kit or 59 lbs with included accessories

-Folded dimensions are 48"L x 12"W x 26"H

-High strength steel handlebar and stem with quick release and safety lock, which can be easily folded dowm

-90 day warranty by Light Electric Vehicle Technologies. Extended warranty available.

Power Cat Tiger 2003 Powercat Tiger 2003pad$519.99padColors::