Kingsong KS18XL Electric Unicycle
Kingsong KS18XL Electric Unicycle
Kingsong KS18XL Electric Unicycle
Kingsong KS18XL Electric Unicycle

Kingsong KS18XL Electric Unicycle

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The new KS18XL has all the refinements seen in the KS16X but with an 18” diameter wheel better suited to longer rides. Larger diameter wheels sacrifice a bit of torque for improved ride quality and stability at speed. This is a great long-distance cruiser and packs 55 miles of real-world range.

Max speed: 31 mph (max cruise speed)
Range: Max 75 miles / Real-world 55 miles
Weight: 24kg

Summary: Large diameter 18” wheel for longer rides

  • Ultra-smooth ride with a 100km range!


Kingsong followed the introduction of the KS16X with a re-boot of its 18”, the KS18XL electric unicycle. This wheel incorporates many of the refinements first seen on its 16” little brother, including the 2200w motor and 1554ah battery combination.

The drivetrain will allow the KS18XL to cruise at up to 31 mph with the large diameter 18” wheel providing smooth and stable long-distance running. Think of the KS18XL as a super comfortable mile-eating machine.

The wheel features many of the same refinements that made the KS16X so popular – an ultra-convenient pull-out trolley handle is fitted with a motor cut-off switch, super-bright riding lights and LED accent lighting plus a 4.1 Bluetooth sound system.



  • 1554wh battery for up to 150km mileage per charge
  • Maximum Gradability of around 35°
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Support USB plug and play
  • Front illuminating & rear braking LED lights for safer night riding
  • 12V cooling fan, ventilating speed varies to temperature and maximum climbing ability
  • KingSong App allows you to change various ride characteristics as well as view speed/battery level information
  • 4 Hi-Fi BT speakers and 12V power amplifier for music on the go
  • Real-time detecting of motor temperature to ensure safety riding
  • Smart BMS with balance and protection against overshoot, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, overheating function
  • Tilt Protection of 45° to both left and right side. Motor stalls when over 45°

Additional info:

  • Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ +60℃
  • Charger voltage: Input AC 80~240 V, output DC 84V/1.5A
  • Max Power: 4000w
  • Dimensions: 590mm (H) x 495mm (L) x 180mm (W)
  • Pedal Altitude (from the ground): 160mm
  • EUC port: Charging port x 2; Switch port x1; Light sensor port x1; USB discharge port x2 (one port support USB plug and play)


Max Speed

31 mph / 50 km/h

Range (Claimed)


Range (PET Est.)

50 ml / 80 km


25 kg

Wheel Size



2.5", Pneumatic

Motor (Nominal)




Charging Time

9 hr


RGB Display LEDs, Front LED, Rear LED

Load (Max Rider Weight)

120 kg




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